Same QR code, different links for different countries: how to do it

Create a single QR code that redirects users to different links based on their geographical location, ensuring a personalized experience.

Same QR code, different links for different countries: how to do it

In the digital age, QR codes have become an integral part of marketing and information sharing. They provide a convenient way to connect people to the digital world, allowing users to access websites, promotions, and other content with a simple scan. However, in a globalized world, businesses often face the challenge of catering to diverse audiences across different countries. What works for one region may not resonate with another.

This is where rule-based dynamic QR codes come into play, offering an innovative solution to customize QR code redirects based on the user's country. With this feature, you can create a single QR code that redirects users to different links based on their geographical location or device.

Understanding rule-based dynamic QR codes

Traditional (or static) QR codes offer a static experience, where the same QR code always redirects to a single predetermined URL.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, allow you to change the QR codes' destination on the fly. They offer more flexibility and can save a lot of money in case you put a wrong link in your QR code or wish to change it afterward. They also offer analytics and tracking features allowing you to analyze your QR codes performances.

Finally, we have rule-based dynamic QR codes, also known as conditional redirects, that add a layer of intelligence and flexibility to QR code campaigns. Instead of a fixed destination, the QR code redirects can be determined by a set of rules defined by the user.

The rules can be based on various parameters, such as:

  • Geographical location: Redirect to different links based on the user's country or region.
  • Device type: Customize the experience for users scanning the QR code from Android, iOS, or other platforms.
  • Language: Display content in the user's preferred language.
  • Date and time: Promote time-sensitive offers or events with specific redirects.

Customizing QR code redirects for different countries

Our dynamic QR code generator allows you to set an unlimited number of rules for your QR codes. And it only costs you $3.99 / month, without any extra fees or limitations.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Define rules

Let's say that we want the following behaviour:

  • Users from Canada are redirected to URL A
  • Users from United States are redirected to URL B
  • Users from Germany, Netherlands and Austria to URL C
  • Users from other countries are redirected to URL D

Log in to your dashboard, create a new QR code or choose an existing one, set the default destination to URL D, click on the "Rules" button and do the following steps:

  • Rule 1
    • Field - Country
    • Operator - Equals
    • Value - Canada (CA)
  • Rule 2
    • Field - Country
    • Operator - Equals
    • Value - United States (US)
  • Rule 3
    • Field - Country
    • Operator - Is one of
    • Value - Germany (DE), Netherlands (NL), Austria (AT)

Step 2: Apply rules

Once you're done with your rules, close the dialog window, and click "Create new" (or "Save"). Your QR code now encapsulates all the redirects you defined.

Step 3: Edit rules

You can edit your rules at anytime. If you wish to do so, just click one the desired QR code and follow the steps above.

Benefits of multi-url dynamic QR codes

The concept of using the same QR code with different links based on the user's country offers several benefits:

  1. Localized user experience: Delivering country-specific content enhances the user experience, making users feel valued and understood.

  2. Improved conversions: Relevant content increases the likelihood of conversions as it aligns with the preferences and interests of the target audience.

  3. Easy QR code management: Instead of managing multiple QR codes for each country, you can streamline your campaigns with one dynamic QR code.

  4. Real-time adaptability: Rules can be adjusted on the fly, allowing you to respond to any changing market conditions and events efficiently.

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