Free vs. Paid QR code solutions: what's the real cost of 'free'?

If you're a business owner, you will at some point need to generate QR codes. If you're serious about your business, be very careful to choose the right tool...

Free vs. Paid QR code solutions: what's the real cost of 'free'?

What's the problem with QR codes?

First off, finding the right QR code solution is like trying to pick the perfect pizza topping - there are just too many options, and not all of them are great. You search online, and suddenly you're drowning in QR code generators, each promising you the moon but usually manage to disappoint you anyway.

Common QR codes headaches

Let's talk about the headaches, shall we? You've probably faced a few of these:

  1. Too expensive: The majority of paid QR code solutions are just too expensive for the majority of entrepreneurs (with limitations sometimes). Who wants to pay big bucks for limited features?

  2. No flex zone: Ever created a QR code only to realize you can't change the destination link later? Next time, consider using dynamic QR codes instead of static ones.

  3. No smart targeting: Thinking about creating tailored user experiences? Not possible with free solutions, even paid ones rarely have this feature unless you pay the big $$$ (we've got this with smart-rules)

  4. Data desert: If your QR code tool can't give you the scoop on how your codes are performing, you're flying blind in a world of marketing madness. Data is everything and you need it.

The problem with free QR code solutions

If you're looking to generate one QR code for a not so-important thing, you don't need to pay a premium service - go on and generate a static QR code for free.

But if you're interested in generating QR codes for your business, we strongly advise you to avoid static QR codes. No matter what you think, things can (and will) go unplanned: a suddenly broken link, an employee who accidentally put the wrong link, etc...

And if you think that the cost of paying a QR solution is not worth it, let me show you an example of why you're wrong:

Imagine you're running a marketing campaign and you need to print 500 flyers (around $350) with a QR code on each flyer. You order them, receive them all but... the QR code points to the wrong link. What to do? Well, with a static QR code, you will have to spend $350 again... while you could have just change the link if you had printed a dynamic QR code.

Good news: our tool costs only $3.99 / month. 

Do you really want to risk it all just for $40 a year? (yes, the yearly plan is less expensive)

The problem with paid QR code solutions

Now, let's talk about the paid QR code solutions in the current market.

1. Excessive pricing plans

Basic, Plus, Premium, Enterprise... just for QR codes? Really?

Don't fall in these traps. Those pricing plans are just here to make sure that you take the one that profit them the most. That's what we call "Decoy Pricing".

While a straightforward pricing structure is appreciated, some competitors opt for complexity, leaving customers feeling as if they've ordered a gourmet meal only to find a hidden dessert fee later on. Our philosophy is quite the opposite: simplicity, affordability, and no surprises.

2. "Free" trials with strings attached

Some competitors have a rather deceptive practice when it comes to offering "free" trials. At first, everything seems delightful as you enjoy the service without any apparent charges. But there's a twist in the tale.

Unknown to you, this "free" trial isn't a short test run; it's more like a year-long subscription hidden behind a veil of generosity. When the trial period ends, your QR codes are suddenly inaccessible, and you're thrust into becoming a paying customer, whether you intended to or not.

What a shame.

Our solution: fair, affordable, and straightforward

In contrast to the labyrinthine pricing plans and hidden trial traps offered by some competitors, our QR code solution stands as a paragon of simplicity, transparency, and fairness.

Priced at just $3.99 a month, our tool is designed to provide all the essential features without imposing hidden fees or useless limitations. We value your trust and aim to provide a reliable QR code solution that is upfront and predictable.

A few features that might interest you...

  • Dynamic QR codes: Change the destination URL of your QR codes at any time.
  • No limits: Create as many QR codes as you wish, and don't worry about any limitations or whatsoever.
  • Advanced customization: Want your QR codes to have your logo and unique style? We've got you covered.
  • Advanced tracking: Get the inside scoop with our robust tracking and analytics.
  • Smart rules: Create custom experiences based on things like device type and location.
  • ...and a lot more, just click here

In a nutshell, QR codes can be a headache, but they don't have to be. Our tool is the cost-effective, feature-packed solution you've been searching for. So, why not give it a try?

Just $3.99 a month, no strings attached.