Introducing the best and cheapest dynamic QR code generator

Discover the next-gen dynamic QR code generator designed for all kind of businesses: restaurants, entrepreneurs, medium-size companies... For the best price!

Introducing the best and cheapest dynamic QR code generator

What is a 'dynamic' QR code ?

Ok, we'll try to make it very simple. A QR code generally stores its data inside of the black and white squares. So when you scan a QR code, your device will read what's inside the squares and act upon it. But what happens when you want your QR code to store different data ? You have to rebuild it.

This is where dynamic QR codes come in.

A dynamic QR code stores just a small piece of data pointing to a certain location where the rest of the data is stored. If you have control over this location, you can change the QR code's data instead of rebuilding a new one. This is the solution we developed today.


Features overview

Unlimited QR codes

You can create an unlimited number of QR codes without additional fees. No bullshit.

Edit your QR codes at any time

From your dashboard, you can instantly manage all your QR codes in a single place.

See how many times your QR codes have been scanned

Take a look at how many times your QR codes have been scanned directly from your dashboard. This feature is already included in your subscription.

Multiple types of QR codes

You can generate different types of QR code:

  • Link - a QR code that redirects to a specific website upon scan
  • Phone - dials up a phone number upon scan
  • E-mail - share an e-mail address upon scan
  • Raw data - share any data you want upon scan

Notice: more types are coming soon! Stay tuned.

Customize your QR codes

Bored of these classical bland and white QR codes ? Add your own style! Change the colors of your QR codes to match your brand.

Notice: customization is limited to colors and margin for now. Stay tuned for more!


Why use a dynamic QR code generator ?

Let's take a simple example.

You're a young entrepreneur, and decide to design your contact cards with a QR code on them pointing to a specific page on your website. You order 1000 cards and distribute them everywhere you can. A few weeks later, you decide to change your QR code so that it points to a fresh new page you created on your website. But...

You get stuck because:

  • You will have to re-order another thousand cards
  • The cards you already distributed still have the old QR code
  • This is going to cost you money

This is why you need a dynamic QR code generator. It's a simple but concrete example.


How to get started

Once you created your account, you can access your personal dashboard and subscribe to the dynamic QR code generator. You can also manage all your subscriptions and cancel them at any time!  If you need help or want to leave a message don't hesitate to contact us at or by submitting the contact form.

See you soon and take care of yourselves.


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