Strapi temporarily stops hiring french people for financial causes

Strapi, a french company, recently announced that they will temporarily stop hiring in France because of financial issues it might bring.

Strapi temporarily stops hiring french people for financial causes

What is Strapi ?

Strapi team

Created in 2016 by Pierre Burgy, Jim Laurie and Aurélien Georget, Strapi is an open-source headless content management system (CMS) that allows developers to easily build and deploy APIs for their projects. It provides a flexible and scalable framework for creating, managing, and delivering content to any platform or device.

The company is based in Paris (France) and has since has since grown to become a leading provider of open-source headless CMS solutions. I already talked about it in my first article: Directus vs Strapi.


Why Strapi stopped hiring in France ?

Strapi Stops Hiring in France (1)

Recently, this post was shared on social media platforms stating that Strapi has stopped recruiting in France. This information comes from an internal presentation.

Multiple reasons have been stated, mostly financial ones: reaching 50 employees in France "would cost a lot of money and time (= money)" and "taxes in France are the highest of all countries in which we are present"

The other reasons, such as "Set up an entreprise committee responsible for hygiene, security, and work conditions" are totally incomprehensible. I mean, is THAT is a valid reason ?

Fortunately, Strapi responded in a blog article giving more details about their decision.



Well, you know, nothing is black or white. Yes, they decided to stop their recruitments in France for financial reasons. But now imagine you knew that information only via their blog post, would you have reacted the same way ? Also, if you were running a company, wouldn't you think of doing the same thing ?

In my opinion, their decision is understandable. What happened is simple: really bad communication. If the internal slide was less "we only want money"-oriented, maybe it wouldn't have been leaked. Because if you think about it, the person who leaked it might be an employee who got pissed off after seeing this slide.

Lesson to learn: pay attention to what you want to say, but pay even more attention on how you say it.