Developers: learn or teach Web3, earn rewards and get hired

You're a developer and looking to learn to code on the blockchain ? Let me introduce you to Metacrafters: now you can learn Web3, earn rewards and get hired.

Developers: learn or teach Web3, earn rewards and get hired

What is Metacrafters ?

Metacrafters (the homepage is dope) is the first project of Proof of Learn, a Web3 education platform where students can earn rewards while learning or teaching Blockchain skills. The project consists in a game where developers (or Crafters) learn to code on the blockchain, earning rewards during the courses that you can turn into cash or crypto to learn advanced courses.


How are Metacrafters' courses designed ?

Metacrafters' courses are created by the Metacrafter team. But in the future, graduates (Master Crafters) might be able to create and publish courses themselves. The courses cover a wide spectrum of Web3 protocols (more are coming):

  • Solana
  • Ethereum
  • Flow
  • Avalanche
  • Polygon

In average, the courses require 30 hours of work divided in three 10-hour modules. You also have access to video tutorials, teaching assistants a coding environment.


Rewards you can earn

Upon course completion, you can earn several rewards:

  • Proof of Learn NFT: Crafters who successfully complete a course will have a Proof of Learn NFT minted as a permanent, public credential.
  • Game World Treasure NFT: Crafters who successfully complete a course will also be rewarded with an in-game Treasure NFT that can be used in the game world or sold to another player in the Metacrafters NFT marketplace.
  • Introductory Course Completion Reward: Crafters who successfully complete a free introductory level course will be rewarded with 50% off the price of their next course purchase.
  • Intermediate and Advanced Course Completion Reward: Courses may have a $250 reward provided by a sponsor. These limited rewards are given to Crafters who successfully complete the course within 30 days while supplies last and may be paid in the sponsor’s token, $CRED, or $CRAFT (the Metacrafters governance token used in the Metacrafters game world). These Rewards are shared among Crafter, Patron (if tuition assistance was provided), Course Creator, Teaching Assistant, and Metacrafters.
  • Staked $CRAFT: In the future, course completions will also be rewarded with Staked $CRAFT in accordance with the difficulty level of the course. Staked $CRAFT functions as a Crafter’s skill rating and can be won or lost when competing against other Crafters in coding competitions.


Get hired by recruiters

As a Crafter, you have the possibility to get listed as a talent on the platform, allowing recruiters and different sponsors to review your profile and possibly get in touch with you for a job proposal.

Check their whitepaper for more information.


Get started now

The first introductory courses are free, you just need to register to start a course.